michael myers protects this blog!

hii! hello!!! welcome to my silly little corner of the web!!! i have always been fond of neocities and the concept of having your own little spot on the world wide web, so one fateful day i decided to make my own!

here you will find things that pertain to my interests and other silly shenanigans as i teach myself coding and hope for the best. i am very much a beginner, and i expect this site to change iterations quite often.

!! DISCLAIMER !! this blog contains profanity, horror, bugs, and other content not suitable for children! be warned!! (everything will be tagged accordingly!)

this website is best viewed on desktop, and was built for chrome ^_^

this site is a wip! mind your step!


4/3/23 - created blog page + first entry!
4/2/23 - added shrines page and linked fnaf shrine :D
4/1/23 - added about me, changed cbox + made a button! phew!!!
3/31/23 - format change heheoehe
3/30/23 - started! woohoo!! :D